Such a photo is related to the “Occupy” movement at UC Berkeley that we viewed as a class on Monday afternoon. This particular picture captures the police brutality that was thoroughly practiced throughout the nonviolent resistance protest. Thousands upon thousands of viewers have already seen such a picture, and are beyond disgusted with the way such a scenario ultimately played out. With the increased amount of technology out there today, people from all across the globe can view and respond to a protest like this. Many believe the police were in the complete wrong by pepper spraying innocent students who were simply fighting for their right of freedom of speech. The protesters were also complaining about the heavily increased tuition of 82% in the near future. It’s redeeming to think that nonviolent resistance can be so successful. The students didn’t curse or retaliate at the police force one time, yet at the end the police were the ones who left the scene. We’ve seen this throughout history, especially with African American freedoms and how not fighting back can be more successful than retaliating. The use of photos makes the viewers see actual proof of various happenings. Words can only go so far, but with technological innovation comes videos and physical proof for the rest of the world to see. Hopefully pictures like this make regular everyday people want to go out into the world and make a change. It’s amazing how simply the click of a camera button can change people’s stance on a difficult decision.


Blog Post #2

In the documentary “Frontline:Digital Nation,” many questions at issue are presented to the viewers. Is multitasking an efficient way to go about various tasks at hand? When should consumers begin using such a powerful tool called the Internet? Is it moral to have war gaming centers for any aged kid? All these questions will have a diverse group of responses, which makes them all important questions at issue.

With the innovation of technology, multitasking has become a part of our everyday lives. The kids at MIT who were interviewed said they are constantly multitasking, and believe it’s the best way to go about things. The interviewees said they would write a paragraph, then go on Facebook or check their emails. They constantly have multiple tabs up on their computers, which is hurting their performance in school. An experiment performed by a University looked at the biggest multitaskers in the school, and attempted to decipher whether or not this is the best strategy. The results showed that the people who thought they were good multitaskers, actually were not. One can use their brain a lot more efficiently when staying focused on one thing at a time.

A hard question to grasp is whether or not young children should be using the Internet. In the documentary, thousands of kids had to be sent to camps because of their addiction to video games on the computer. Kids were loosing sleep and performing poorly in school because of this scenario. Overseas, children are taught about “netiquette” and how to use the Internet correctly. It’s good for kids to learn how to use technology to gain knowledge, but the problem is that kids are abusing such a tool and using it for sheer entertainment, which leads to addiction and a lot of wasted time.

It’s a disgusting strategy performed by the US Army to set up gaming centers for kids of all ages. Technology makes games like Call of Duty or Battlefield feel so realistic to the player.Obviously, such games are enjoyed by kids and adults, but it gives the false perception of what war is really like. In the documentary, kids were sitting in virtual tanks and using what looked to be real guns to shoot down their opponents. Because such gaming centers are enjoyed, multiple kids who don’t know any better, enlist into the army. The sole reason why the US Army have these gaming centers is to get teenagers to join the army, which is a disturbing trend. No one wants to know what it feels like to shoot someone and with the technology readily available today, kids think that war and gore is fun.

With the amount of technology out there today, one needs to be cautious about their use. Everyone should reap all the benefits of such a powerful tool, but at the same time be an informed consumer by knowing limits.