Extra Credit

The “Occupy” movements have been handled downright wrong and unfairly these past couple months. In Naomi Wolf’s article “The Shocking Truth about the Crackdown on Occupy” she goes in depth about how such innocent protesters who are practicing nothing more than nonviolent resistence are being wrongfully treated. It’s ludacris that reporters with credentials who are simply covering the “Occupy” story were “penned far from the site in which the news was unfolding” (Wolf). Cops said it’s illegal to take pictures on the sidewalk. Innocent women were dragged by their hair and even pepper sprayed in the mouth for taking a stand on their individual freedoms. The true controversy of  whether Congress and the DHS were involved  is discussed in Wolf’s article. She believes such a scenario to be overly true. On the other side of the spectrum, a more right wing thinker, believes Wolf’s assumptions are false.

In Joshua Holland’s article  “Shocking Truth about the ‘Occupy Crackdowns’ Offers Anything but the Truth” he does nothing more than try to prove Wolf’s thoughts to be invalid. For example, Wolf says,

In other words, for the DHS to be on a call with mayors, the logic of              its chain of command and accountability implies that congressional overseers, with the blessing of the White House, told the DHS to authorise mayors to order their police forces – pumped up with millions of dollars of hardware and training from the DHS – to make war on peaceful citizens.

Holland analyzes the quote and describes how police protesters is a local matter and how no mayor in any county requires authorization of any kind to tarnish a protest in their county. It’s difficult for normal citizens to know whether the “Occupy” movement was brought to a Federal level, or if such a protest was carried out by local authorities.

Both articles seem biased, with little to no factual evidence. For example, in Wolf’s article, she says “The picture darkened still further when Wonkette and Washingtonsblog.com reported that the Mayor of Oakland acknowledged that the Department of Homeland Security had participated in an 18-city mayor conference call advising mayors on “how to suppress” Occupy protests.” First of all, Wonkette is a left leaning American online magazine of topical satire and political gossip. It’s extremely liberal, and simply promotes public welfare on a high scale. Washingtonsblog.com is a blog forum in which anyone can post and view various threads. No one knows what’s a true fact and what’s complete and utter bologna. Everyday citizens can read multiple articles and articulate an opinion, but as of now, there’s little well-known facts. Citizens need to wait until actual evidence is produced into society on such a complex matter before claiming various “facts.”