Jack Welch does a sufficient job providing his readers with insight of strategic planning. A quote that caught my eye while reading was that strategy entails”any long term plan which will be the product of the art of conduction a campaign and maneuvering an army.” Throughout the article, Welch keeps bring up the “long-term,” which is an important tactic of strategy. In strategic advertising one needs to ponder their target audience, demographics, price points, and location to name a few. While thinking of those, the long-term should be embedded in the back of the strategist head at all times, and “the challenge is to pierce the fog of uncertainty and develop great foresight into the whereabouts of tomorrow.” No one knows what will unfold tomorrow, so it’s the strategic planners job to use various tools and instinct to accomplish a valid foresight into the future, and ultimately convey a successful advertisement to the consumers.